22 MARCH 1935, Page 18

More Blackcaps

Support for the belief that some of the little warblers, supposed to be wholly migratory, are beginning to stay in

England throughout the winter conies from an unexpected observer. In a note in a monthly paper, called Squash Rackets and Fives, appears the following passage : " They lunched by the wayside in glorious weather just outside Leeds Castle, near Maidstone, and shared their sandwiches with numerous blue tits, chaffinches and other birds including three blackcaps. Blackcaps are, or should be, migratory, or so at least these Jesters consider, and they would be interested to hear from anyone who has a better knowledge of bird life, whether or not their experience was remarkable."

This experience would have been remarkable in most years ; but this winter it may be accepted as a fact of history that a sprinkling of blackcaps decided that Sussex, at any rate, was a good place to winter in. Probably a few chiffchaffi also stayed in the South.

* * * *