22 MARCH 1935, Page 2

Conservatives and Liberals Sir Edward Grigg in a letter in

Saturday's Daily Telegraph raises a question regarding the future of the National Government which will have to be increas- ingly considered as the General Election approaches. Sir Edward's claim that there is now no real difference between Liberals and Conservatives, except perhaps on the question of national defence, and that in regard to that Liberals will on reflection conclude that they must support an increase in the estimates in order that this country may have power to put behind the League, is likely to be accepted by Liberals only with many reser- vations. But Liberals nevertheless have a serious question to consider. It is obvisiously not true that there is little difference between them and Conservatives like Mr. Churchill and Sir Henry Page-Croft. On the other hand, they could co-operate in most things with Mr. Baldwin and Sir Samuel Hoare and Lord Eustace Percy's left- wingers. It matters vitally to the country whether the right or the left wing of the Conservative Party is to predominate, and Opposition Liberals might with advantage consider seriously their possible relations with the Conservative Left.

* * *