22 MARCH 1935, Page 2

Italy and Jugoslavia Amid all the depressing tendencies visible in

Europe at the moment the rapprochement between Italy and Jugoslavia stands out in welcome relief. Both Signor Mussolini for his wise and courageous initiative, and Prince Paul for his immediate and cordial response, deserve the highest credit. There have been numerous causes of estrangement between the two countries. It began with rival territorial claims during the Peace Conference ; it was ticeentuated by the designs of both countries on Albania, and by the close association of Jugoslavia with France at a time when the relations between France and Italy were less cordial than they happily are today. To some extent, no doubt, the new fraternity between France and Italy has made fraternity between Italy and Jugoslavia easier.- However that may be, there can he no question that the detente between the two countries which face each other across the Adriatic has done much, and will do more, to create a sense of security and stability in South East Europe. It will improve Italy's relations with the Little Entente generally, and facilitate the evolution of that general Danubian understanding which has for years been a cardinal point in Italian policy. The coming visit of M. Jevtitch, the Jugoslav Prime Minister, to Rome, will give an oppor- tunity for the conclusion of concrete trade agreements.