22 MARCH 1935, Page 3

The Week in Parliament Our Parliamentary correspondent writes : Whatever

the debate this week, the thoughts of members have been not on the subject under discussion but on • the menacing shadow of Germany. The decision not to postpone Sir John SiMon's visit has met with almost unanimous approval among Government supporters. It was felt that if it was put off again, it never would take place. There is some apprehension, however, at the fact that the Government did not apparently consult France before the dispatch of the note to Germany. It is earnestly hoped that the visit to Paris of Mr. Anthony Eden over the week-end will repair the damage. Few in the House of Commons expect in the present temper of Germany that the Air Pact will now be signed or that anything of value will result from the Berlin conver- sations. Members arc, therefore, all the more anxious that the allied front of Great Britain, France and Italy should give no appearance of having been weakened as the results of the events of the .last few days. That the Prime Minister consulted Mr. Lansbury about the forthcoming visit to Berlin. On its wisdom and necessity all the forces of both sections of the Opposition are agreed.