22 MARCH 1935, Page 49

The cry of the Continent continues to be Your Pound

is worth 20 shillings here," and the European travel industry is certainly doing its best by lowering charges to counter the disadvantage of the exchange rates and so make it possible for British visitors with limited pockets to make holiday outside their own country. The Italian Train Cruise arranged by the Com- pagnia Italiana Turismo is an instance of the tempting fare offered. A series of 14-day tours covering almost the whole of Italy will begin on April 17th at an inclusive cost per person of 26 guineas. This is the fare from and back to London, and it includes second-class on train, first- class hotels, taxes, gratuities and sight- seeing excursions. The cruise party will be given official receptions at Florence and Rome. Naples, Milan, Stress, Capri, Pompeii and Turin will also be visited. Other departures are planned for Juno 7th and September 6th.