22 MARCH 1935, Page 49

"Conte to Britain"

What of Britain ? Is the craving for foreign travel damaging our own tourist


industry ? Application for seaside accom- modation over the Easter holidays would soon prove this not to be the case. Britain is as popular a holiday ground as ever : with foreigners it is even more popular, as can be confirmed by the Travel Associa- tion's figures of incoming visitors. The reason is very largely that travel in this country has never since the War been as cheap as it is at present. Hotels and high- ways, too, have improved considerably and railway facilities greatly extended. Penny-a-mile " Summer " tickets are now available all the year round on our railways, and motor-coach tours could hardly be better planned in most cases. Prospective visitors will no doubt be glad to know that it is possible for them to undertake first- class motor-coach tours of Britain, putting up each night at a really good hotel, at a cost of little more than £1 per day in- clusive. Menton Tours, Ltd., conduct regular 7-day tours to Devon, Cornwall, North Wales, South Wales, Lake District, Derbyshire-Yorkshire, each at a cost of 8 guineas. The 7-day British Tour, costing 10 guineas, is, however, probably the most interesting. Among the places visited are Oxford, Stratford - on - Avon, Warwick, Kenilworth Castle, Snowdon, Chester, Mersey Tunnel, the Lake District, York, Lincoln and Cambridge. • The hotels chosen for the accommodation of passengers at nights are all on The Spectator's Recom- mended List.