22 MARCH 1935, Page 6

I can understand, and applaud, a Drink More Milk campaign.

I can understand, without applauding, a Drink More Beer campaign. But the Eat More Bread campaign, initiated by the Millers' Mutual .Association, leaves me perplexed. I have nothing but goodwill for it. No adult ever came to harm through undue inroads on the loaf, and the dietetic excesses of the pre-adolescent have not bread as their basis. But who is there who should eat more bread and doesn't, except unhappy families whose consumption is limited by their incomes ? And even they spend their wages or dole-money on bread first. It may be that there exists somewhere a great army of potential bread-eaters; or more-bread-eaters, but I con- fess I find it hard to imagine where. As a matter of fact .bread-consumption in Europe generally, I believe, remains very constant, because when people are better off they eat not more bread but a little more meat, and when they are worse off they eat rye-bread. instead of wheat-bread- but roughly the same quantity. JANUS..