22 MARCH 1946, Page 16

Altruistic Pigs A small-holder of whom I have cognizance has

made his neighbour envious by his rare success in egg-production ; and has confessed to his secret. It is to keep the hens in a loft over the pigs. The ascending warmth seems to be an irresistible influence! Another farmer has a view of the pig's utility which is capable of a rather wider application. His pigs escaped into an old stackyard that was solid with nettles. The pigs at once proceeded to ruttle up the weeds and to eat the roots with voracity. These tough yellow roots that tend to strain the back of the human excavator were not only completely cleared but fattened the pigs. Here is yet another virtue attachable to the nettle, which is regarded by the ardent compost-compounder as the most valuable of manuring agents. Is it not also the host of the most gorgeous butterflies? Fancy calling the nettle a weed! It ought apparently to be artificially cultivated.