22 MARCH 1946, Page 25


for one guinea will be awardea to the lender of he Arse correct solutton of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week, April 2nd. Envelopes must be received not later than first post that day ana must bear the word " Crossword," the NUMBER of the puzzle and a 214. stamp. Solutions must be on the form below, and none can be accepted from the U.S.A The solution and the name of he winner will be published in the following issue.]


r. No Amazon, evidently. (3, 2, 3.)

5. Wordsworth's, not the surgeon's ether. (6.) 9. Book which shows how the old aristocracy got landed. (8.) to. Relatives of some interest. (6.) tr. Were it not so, stingo would be a mere cipher. (8.)

12. This fellow was a flying pioneer. (6.) 14. Not Miss Matty Jenkyns. (to.) t8. When the present precedes the past.

(3, 3, 4.) zz. Leopard's cousin. (6.) 23. The direct method which might have saved Absalom. (5, 3.) 24. Theatrical confidences. (6.) 25. Associated by Poe with a pit. (8.) 26. It goes into furnished apartments. (6.) 27. Discloses the value of female donkeys, (8.)


t. When people say it's bad they mean it's good. (6.)

2. Submarine corning up takes no time at all. (6.)

3. Fix. (6.) 4. No getting together for people who inhabit these (to.) 6. Sane team. (Anag.) (8.)

7. It's sweet to find fifty-one between two palindromes. (8.)

8. A portent breaks the reed. (8.) 13. It seems difficult to say they do a good turn. (4, 6.) 15. Aspect of the tergiversator? (8.) 16. " Trip no further, pretty -."

(Shakespeare.) (8.) 57. " Minds - and quiet take that for an hermitage." (Lovelace.) (8.)

To. Owen Wister's was ancient. (6.% 20. Musical covering. (6.)

as. They are in threes a chain apart. (6.)