22 MARCH 1957, Page 16


SIR,—As an incumbent of fifteen years' experience and as a country parson, I dotiot think that the

breaking-up of the parochial system will help the Church at all spiritually. The small country parish is often the most alive where the parson is able to live and work among his people.

I am sure that the parochial clergy feel that there would be more enthusiasm, discipline and loyalty would be less strained, and our financial and other problems would be quickly solved if only the Church were better led.

How thoroughly un-Elizabethan our leadership is!

Cambridge has been relegated for generations to a junior role ,to Oxford. London (which has been pro-

ducing many religious leaders for all other religious denominations, including a well-known RC arch- bishop) has virtually been excluded from Anglican leadership together with the other English univer- sities.

It cannot be expected that our beloved National Church can thrive under a narrow and close pro- vincial administration.—Yours faithfully,


Rougham Rectory, Bury St. Edmunds