22 MARCH 1957, Page 24

The Force of Law

HERE again, with Much in Evidence (Michael Joseph, 12s. 6d.), and an eye cocked skilfully on such potential future patrons as the Boulting Brothers, comes Mr. Henry Cecil with a further instalment of fun 'and frolic at Bar, Bench and Solicitor's Office, including peeps at the ever-so-refined wives and a glance at the underworld (also pretty genteel). Mr. Cecil commonly rides the two horses of Farce and Legal Propriety; this time the former has far the better of it, with the result that Much in Evidence is inferior to Brothers in Law and Friends at Court— though some readers will be with not to be renewing their acquaintance with thosc two shocking prigs, Messrs. Thursby and Blagrove. Mr. Cecil pursues the varying fortunes of a £100,000 claim through the civil and criminal courts with high- spirited and learned facetiousness.