22 MARCH 1957, Page 8

AS SIR LINTON ANDREWS points out in a letter to

the Editor this week Mr. Randolph Churchill has not yet reported to the Press Council the refusal of the Yorkshire Post to accept an advertisement for his book. All he has so far done is to forward copies of the correspondence over the advertise- ment to the Council for information. He has delayed making a formal complaint as he wanted the Press Council first to dispose of his case against W. H. Smith for refusing to handle the book, in order that Sir Linton might be spared the embarrassment of having to move out of the chair for that hearing as well. The sympathy that I expressed for Sir Linton last week was there- fore premature. Incidentally, before taking off for Bermuda Mr. Churchill asked the Smith's at Lon- don Airport for a copy of his book. Having been told that they had not got a copy, he asked if they would order one for him. This they agreed to do and he handed over 7s. 6d. I shall be interested to hear the sequel. PHAROS