22 MARCH 1968, Page 31

Sir: I shall confine myself to two points in Sir

Robert Birley's letter of 8 March.

In spite of Sir Robert's statement that 'Before 1945 and after 1955 the government has paid a fixed sum of money to,African education out of the general revenue of the country,' in actual fact the amount paid out of general revenue increased by approximately 50 per cent between 1956-57 and 1967-68. This is quite apart from the loan account which now amounts to well over £4 million, and apart from the proceeds from- the Bantu General Tax, corresponding to the much -higher Personal Tax paid by Euro- peans, all of which is used for Bantu education.

The number of Bantu secotidary--schools has more than trebled since 1949 and the enrolment bas roughly doubled between the years 1955 and 1966.

G. W. Sneesby West Bridgford, Nottingham This correspondence is now closed.—Editor, SPECTATOR.