22 MAY 1841, Page 20


, Tuesday, May 18.


Coyle). and Co. St. Petersburg. merchants ; as far as regards A. Moberley—Birley and Sous, Kirkham. flax-spinuers; as far as regards W. and E. Birley—Swaiusou and Co. Preston. cotton-spinners; as far as regards T. Birley—J. and II. Wallace, Putney, bakers—Htuldleston and Co. Maryport, ship-builders—Breach mid ebonies, Black; wall, tavern-keepers — S. and R. Lobley, Pudsey, Yorkshire, tallowchandlers- Dermer and Brown, Kennington Green. eigar-manufaeturers—Liddell and Co. New- castle-upon-Tyue, wine-merchants—Burt and Artie, Poplar, tiumen—Lime and Givry, Addle Street, importers of French goods—B. and F. M. Briggs, Newington,:lient, grocers-Baylis and Co. Montagu Street, Whitechapel, printing-ink-manufacturers; as Mr as regards Baylis and Brightwell-Mew and Doggett, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, saddlers-Clerppells and Marsden, Manchester, cotton.manufacturers ; as far as regards Chappell-Kenyon and Co. Blackburn, cotton-spinners as far as regards Kenyon-Hyman and Jacobs. Plymouth, jewellers-Atkinson and Co. Manchester. attendee; as far as regards Birch-W. and .1. Bethom. Kendal. bobbiu-mauttfac- turers-Ullathorue and Routlidge, Pontefract, grocers-Lilley and Boyle, Kingatou- upon-Hull. mahogany-merchants-Crompton and Keeley, Manchester. silk-dyers- Ibotson and Palmer, Savoy Street, printers-May junior and Co. Devonport, wine- merchants- Stains and Fox. New Road, brewers - Antrobus and Co. Winehain, Cheshire, salt-proprietors-Bush and Master. St. hfildred's Court. attoruies-Inglis and Co. Aberdeen, merchants-Tennant and Co. Glasgow ; as far as regards W. Couper and A. Dunlop. INSOLVENTS. EDMUNDS. ROBERT, Bennett Street. 3tamford Street, builder. May 17. JONES, MAMA LOUISA, Bedwelty, Monmouthshire. victualler, May 17. TAYLOR, FREDERICK, Speldhurst, Kent, plumber, May 15.


Rxestr., RICHARD, Plymouth, linen-draper.


CADBURY. JAMES, New Bond Street. cheesemonger, to surrender May 25, June 29: solicitor, Mr. Humphreys. Nervgate Street; official assigtee, Mr. Green. Aldermanbury. DASH. THOMAS. New Windsor. innkeeper. May 25. June 29: solicitor, Mr. Ward, Essex Street; official assignee, Mr. Gibson, Basinghall Street. DAY, WILLIAM anti THOMAS. Gracechurch Street, oilmen. May 29, June 29: solid: tors, Messrs. Capes and Stuart, Gray's Inn; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Fred- derick's Place.

FERNYHOUGH. HENRY Wnsote, Reading, bookseller. May 25, June 29: solicitor, Mr. Lamb, Furnival's Inn; official assignee, Mr. Pennell. FIELD, ROBERT, Cartmel, Lancashire, banker, May 26, June 29: solicitors, Messrs. Norris and Co. Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn. HARMS. RALPH. Lower Thames Street, merchant, May 28, June 29: solicitors, Messrs. Luttly and Co. College Street, Dowgate ; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard. HIGGINS, PETER, Salford, Lancashire, brewer, May 28, June 29: solicitors. Mess, Adlingtou and Co. Bedford Row. JOHNSON, RALPH, Newcastle upon-Tyne, builder, June 10, 20: solicitors, Messrs. Cuvelje and Co. Southampton Buildings. KINOSIMItU, JOHN and Fisvins EBENEZER, Dover, wine-merchants, May 26, Juue 29: solicitor, Mr. Dimmock, Size Lane; official assignee, Mr. Lackiugtou, Coleman St. Buildings.

KNowtss, Join:. and Co. Throgmorton Street, silk-brokers, May 31, June 29 : soli- citors, Messrs. Crowder and Co. Mauaionhouse Yard; official assignee, Mr. Turquaud, Copthall Buildings.

KNOWLES, WILLIAM. Hyde. Cheshire, cordwaiaer, May 28, June 29: solicitors, Messrs. Clarke and Medcalf, Lincoln's luta Fields.

NORTHCROFT, WILLIAM, Egham, builder, May 28. June 29: solicitor, Mr. Dyte, Temple; official assignee. Mr. Caunan, Finsbury Square. MALLISON. WILLIAM, Blackburn, merchant, Juue 8, 29: solicitors, Messrs. Milne and Co. Temple. NOBLE, Jens, and FREER, JOSEPFI, Huncote. Leicestershire, hosiers, May 24, June 29: solicitors. Messrs. Taylor and Co. Bedford Row. RISIMER, RICHARD, 1.iverpool, tailor, May 31, June 29 : solicitors, Messrs. Hall and Co. Verulam Buildings, Gray's Inn. WHEELER, J overt. Bath, victualler, June 8,2_9: solicitor, Mr. Horton, Furnival's Inn.


June 10, Curtis and Garry, Tokenhouse Yard, merchants-June 10, Barnett, Syden- ham, builder-Juue 10, Bottomley, Gracechurch Street, tailor -June 18, Swill, Ashtoa- under-Lyne. timber-merchant-June 15, Nuttall, Manchester, grocer-June 10, Col- -quhoun, Sheffield, coppersmith-June 16, W. and J. Deming, Manchester, hceel- keepers-Jame 22, Roberts. Carnarvou, merchant-June 10, Beckett, Liverpo 1, iron- founder-June 9, Evans. Liverpool. draper-June 15, Coombe, Launceston, builder- June 9, Potter and Maude, Manchester, calico-printers.


Tube grunted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before June 8. Gu H. and-C. C. Green. Tenbridge, paper-makers-Wilson, Wakefield, innkeeper- Todhunter, Mincing Lane, clrysalter-Cass, Bureughhridge, grocer.


Cerro, ALEXANDER. Peterhead. spirit-dealer, May 20. June 19. COOPER, WILLIAM and Janes, Edinburgh. glass-stainers. May 24, June 14. GILKISON, JOHN, Glasgow. merchant, May 24. June 14. Law, ALEXANDER, Dundee, merchant. May 24, June 12. MELVIN, JAMES, Aberdeen, merchant, May 21, June 11. SMAILL. HENRY. Edinburgh, carter, May 24, June 14.

WATT, Roamer. Johnstone, cotton-spinner. May 24. June 11.

Yonne, WILLIAM, Dundee, watchmaker, May F.5, Juue 11.

Friday, May 21.


Everard and Milder, Mount Row. Islington. bootmakers-Maltby and Otter, Old Broad Street. :rttornies-Hughes and Wall, Paddington, omnibus-proprietors -Hodg- kinsou and Haut, Derby, mercers-Smith and Blackburn, Leeds, flax•spinuers -White and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields, attoruies- Woods junior and Cope, Koppel Street, Rus- sell Square, wine merchants-Vickers and Hall, Crutchedfriars, ale-merchants -Duuu and Bainbridge. Newcastle-up?u-Tyne, liuendrapers-J. and J. Lea, Birmingham, coal-dealers--Wood and Challinor, earthenware.manufactnrers-J. and J. G. Fleet, Fenchurch Street, wholesale grocers-Wood and Ulan, Marlborough Street. shawl- makers- Lunn and Co. Paddock, Yorkshire. woollen-cloth-finishers - Walker and Spence, Birkenhead, schoolmistresses-C. and W. S. Byron. Fore Street, grocers - W. and T. Henderson, Southwick, Durham, joiners-Fairclough and Wien, Liverpool, uttornies-Bendall and Harridge, Old Cavendish Street, tailors -Douduey and Serym.

.gour, Long Lane. printers. tsrsor.verers.

ALDRED, GEORGE, So1111131110011 Row, bookseller. May 19. MILLER, JoSEPH, Cliftno. cabinet-maker, May 19. Peeterts, HENRY Wore,. Rayleigh. grocer. May 19. RILEY, THOMAS, Gough Square, Fleet Street. printer, May 19.


BEAUMONT, WILLIAM, and GREAVES, HENRY, Brighton. linendrapers, to surrender May 29, July 2: solicitors. Messrs Hardwick and Davidson, Cateatou Street; official assignee. Mr. Whitmore, Basingball Street. CHEQUER. WILLIAM. Blackfriars Road, saddler, June 1, July 2: solicitor, Mr. Swan, Sergeant's Iun ; official assignee, Mr. Gibson, liasiughall Street. Heywean, JAMES. and MOORE, RICHARD HANKS. Paternoster Row. booksellers, June 2, Judy 2: solicitor, Mr. Surr, Lombard Street; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basing- hall Street.

MOLT, JAMES, and Hate, SAMUEL. Liverpool. glass-H11111111:1CHITCTS, J11118 1, July 2: solicitors, Messrs. Vincent and Sherwood. Temple; • and Mr. Robinsoa, Liverpool. LINAY, THOMAS, Lynn, Norfolk, draper, Juue 5, July 2: solicitors, Messrs. Sole, Aldermanburv.

MACAIBE, JOSEPH. and Co. Liverpool, merchants, June 3, July 2: solicitors, Mr. Chester, Staple Inn; and Messrs. Davenport and Collier, Liverpool. ROBINSON, ROBERT Wirscrx, and ILMENT WILKIN, Bedford, grocers, June 18, July 2: solicitor, Mr. Eagles, Bedford. Tentem, CHRISTOPHER, Bristol. grocer, May 28, July 2: solicitors, Messrs. White and Whitmore, Bedford Row; and Mr. Brittati, Bristol. Warrreuxa, ROBERT, Bury, brazier, June 8. July 2: solicitors. Messrs. Clarke and Medcalf. Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Mr. Whitehead, Bury. WYNDE, JOHN, Leominster. dealer, June 28, July 2: solicitors, Mr. Smith, Chancery Lane ; and Mr. Hammuud, Leominster.


June 11. Treherne, Oxford Street upholsterer-June 8, R. and S. Phillips, Regent Street, lamp-manufacturers-June 12, Venables, Lamb's Conduit Street. draper-June 11. Clarke, Oxford Street, victualler-June 11, Arnison, Little Tufton Street, builder -June 11, Richardson, King Street. Covent Garden, wipe-merchant-June 12, Neill, 'Clement's Lane, City, merchant-June 11, Brown, Mark Lane, corn-merchant-June 11. Collis. Witham, Essex, victualler-June 14, Duckliam, Piccadilly, carpet-dealer- June 14, Appleton. Hounslow' ironmonger-June 14. West, Freeman's Court, Corn- hill. wine-merchant-June 14, York, Duke Street, Westminster, ironfouuder -June 15, Manley and Newton, Atherton, Lancashire, patent nail-manufacturers-June 15, Weston, Cotton, Shropshire, coal-merchant-June 24, Hughes, Liandderfel, Merio- nethshire, liueudraper-June 10, Barker, Cambridge, hanker-June 18, Claughton, Ilaydock Lodge, Lancashire. salt-manufacturer-June 16, J. and J. Wilson, Notting- ham, hosiers-June 30, Knott, Souning, Berkshire, builder-June 14, Nicholl, Greet- land, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner-Juue 15. Vyse, Nuthurst, Warwickshire, farmer- June 14, Lewis, Tredegar, Monmouthshire, draper-June 12, Parkiuson,Louth, grocer.


To be granted. unless cause Le shown to the contrary, on or before June 11. Richards. Newcastle Street. Strand, surgeon-Scott, Manchester. paper-dealer- Lonergan, King William Street. merchant-Pankhurst. Shelton, Staffordshire, colour- manufacturer-Cowley. Walsall, brass-founder-Walker, Cheater, nurseryman- Perry, Leominster. Herefordshire, maltster-Dudding, Liverpool. paint-mauulacturer -Mason, Little Chester Street, Belgrave Square, livery-stable-keeper -Danderdale, Manchester, merchant-Wurters, Melford, Suffolk, maltster.


BRUCE, WILLIAM, Dundee, May 25, June 15. BUM, JOHN. Perth, draper. May1.7. June 24. Foutes, JOHN, Glasgow, wood-merchant. May 28, June 18. REEVE, JOHN CALPOTS, and GRIEVE, JAMES, Marry..,, merchants. May 7. June 24.