22 MAY 1926, Page 1

It is safe to say, however, that if revolution had

spread here last week the contagion would have been passed on elsewhere. All Europe is conscious of being under an obligation to us for our remarkable record of sobriety, and that must be the reason why our prestige as a nation haS actually been increased by the strike. The scheme of the Government for keeping the nation supplied with neces= saries, and for preventing a stoppage of industry wherever possible, worked admirably. They are to be heartily con= gratulated. Their success should inspire confidence in any Government of whatever political colour that is compelled in future to resort to such a scheme—though we hope that may never be. The methods were scientific in conception and in mechanical application. The internal-combustion engine and wireless were invaluable allies. Nobody can exactly measure the debt that is owed to the police for their steadiness, tact and courage, but an indication of what is felt is seen in the astonishing response to the Times fund for the benefit of the police. In a few days the fund amounted to well over £100,000.