22 MAY 1926, Page 1


GOOD has come out of evil and much more good will follow if the nation, which now has one of the best opportunities which ever fell to the lot of any nation, knows not only how to reconstruct but how to tolerate and understand. The Prime Minister's touch has worked wonders, but though we are reluctant to sound any jarring note it is necessary to point out that magnanimity is reqUired from both sides. We read in the papers of Wednesday a speech by Mr. Ramsay MacDonald, which seemed to us rancorous, though only a few days ago, as our Parliamentary correspondent tells us,-Mr. MacDonald was depending upon the Prime Minister like a sick man on his nurse. We can certainly achieve a new industrial life if all sides sincerely mean to have it. That lies in the future ; but what is already settled on the credit side is that Parliament, and therefore the Constitution, has emerged triumphant.