22 MAY 1926, Page 10

The -Editor of the Hotel Review in the current issue

makes a plea for the introduction into Great Britain of the Continental ten per cent. system of " tipping " as practised in many hotels in Italy, France, Holland, Bel- gium and elsewhere. There is much to be said in favour of the ten per cent. system when it is scrupulously adhered to. I have stayed in hotels where every member of the hotel staff, with the exception of the porter who goes to the railway station with the departing guest, appeared to be quite satisfied with the ten per cent. system and did not shadow me when I was departing. To be able to walk out of an hotel confident that one has not over- looked anyone is well worth paying ten per cent. The trouble is that at some hotels one pays one's ten per cent, and in addition is expected to remember such important persons as the hall porter and his numerous assistants, the lift boy, the luggage porter and so on. If the Hotel Review can get the ten per cent. system introduced into Great Britain it will deserve well of all who stay in hotels, but it must be clearly understood that the ten per cent. includes every member of the staff without exception. * * *