22 MAY 1926, Page 3

There has been a coup d'etat in Poland, and Marshal

Pilsudski is again in power. Poland is perhaps destined to disappoint her friends, .though we hope that she may yet achieve steadiness,.. During the greater part of last year it seemed that she was really going to settle down. She had accepted a scheme of financial stabilization and seemed to be intent upon putting it into execution. More than that, she seemed at last to have recognized the desirability of a more amiable foreign policy. Then at the beginning of the winter M. Grabski, the Prime Minister, was unable to rebut accusations of financial failure, and he resigned. His successor, Count Skrzynski, either encouraged or could not prevent the reappearance in politics of Marshal Pilsudski. By that time General Zeligowski, who carried out the discreditable seizure of Vilna, was Minister of War, and he renewed an ancient co-operation with Marshal Pilsudski by proposing that the Marshal should be made Inspector-General of the Army.