22 MAY 1964, Page 11

L ost Luggage At any given inoment, so Time tells me,

some 2,500 pieces of US luggage are somewhere they shouldn't be. In America they have a computer to sort things out. All 1 had when I found myself with someone else's suitcase at Nice last weekend :was Randolph. In his own way he was just as „efficient. Within an hour, at the cost of having the Riviera in an uproar, I had my suitcase back again, and its twin had been restored to its owner. The whole incident stems from my retirement from ministerial office. Good private secretaries treat their Minister as an idiot child when he travels. He doesn't have to worry about passports or tickets or money or luggage. And so when he has to cope for himself he gets lost. Or rather the luggage does.