22 NOVEMBER 1913, Page 1

The Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro- Hungarian

throne, is paying a visit to England accompanied by his wife, the Duchess of Hohenberg. They arrived last Saturday and stayed in London till Monday, spending their time in sightseeing and shopping. On Monday they went to Windsor Castle to stay till Saturday. On Tuesday and Wednesday the Bing, the Archduke, and several guests shot in Windsor Great Park. The Archduke, like the King, is a very good shot. Every evening at Windsor Castle there was a dinner party. Whenever the Archduke and the Duchess of Hohenberg have been visible to the public they have been received with the extreme friendliness which Englishmen invariably manifest towards all members of the Austrian House. A "morganatic marriage" is a phrase that has no meaning in law and very little meaning in custom for Englishmen. The Duchess of Hohenberg, officially and unofficially, has enjoyed her full and proper share of the welcome, the honour, and the respect given to her husband. She could have received no more had she been the Crown Princess.