22 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 10

A letter from Mr. Wilson Harris, which we print else-

where, confirms our view that those who have been immersed in this subject for years, in the Preparatory Commission, or in connexion with the League of Nations Union, cannot see the wood for the trees. We fully appreciate the anxiety of the Government that a Convention representing a maximum of agreement may be drafted for discussion at a world Disarmament Conference. The present botched-up document, however, will simply bring the Preparatory Commission—and the League too—into ridicule. There are ugly facts in the international situation which make it imperative for this country to check the reaction towards warlike preparations. Some attempt must be made now to meet the German case that what has been possible in the way of limitation for her is perfectly possible for other nations. And, of course, this is definitely provided for in the preamble to Part V of the Peace Treaties. If, as Mr. Wilson Harris says, France, Poland, and the Little Entente would not join in a genuine disarmament Convention, why should not their " militarism " be exposed

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