22 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 11

Sir John Simon and Liberal Tactics

Speaking at Cleckheaton last Saturday Sir John Simon amplified his recent letter to Mr. Lloyd George. He said that the time had come to strike against the Govern- ment and that lie had an entire disbelief in the Liberal tactics of keeping them alive. Mr. Lloyd George is notoriously hoping for a deal with the. Government about electoral reform and therefore thinks his tactics wer:h while even when they prevent the Liberal Party from expressing its true opinion in Parliament. Sir .John Simon for his part, as he told his audience, is unable to fOrget a certain remark by Sir Henry Campbell-Banner- man; who in 1905 said of the Unionist Government, " For years they have lived on tactics and now they have died' of tactics." It may be gathered that Sir John is keeping himSelf free to oppose any amendment of the Tride Disputes Act. Meanwhile Sir. Archibald Sinclair—Who enjoys universal respect and liking—has consented to he 'the Chief Whip of the Liberal Party. * * *