22 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 64

My Friend Mr. Edison, by Mr. Henry Ford (Berm, 3s.

61) makes extremely good reading. " When all is said and done, the ability to work means more than anything else," writes Mr. Ford. " Mr. Edison has a wonderfully imaginative mind and also a most remarkable memory. Yet all of his talents would never have brought anything big into the world had he not had within him that driving force which pushes hint on continually He will not recognize even the possibility of defeat. He believes that unflinching, unremitting work will accomplish anything:" How much has Mr. Edison's deafness contributed towards his capacity for work ? " Many disturbing sounds do not reach me at all," he says. " My nerves have been preserved intact." According to Mr. Ford : " Edison has clone more towards abolishing poverty than have all. the reformers and statesmen since the beginning of the world. He has provided man with means to help himself." One genius on another is always interesting, and enthusiasm such as Mr. Ford's is infectious. We hope that this book will be in the hands of a million boys by Christmastide this year.