22 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 64

Some Books of the Week

THOSE who are interested in the deeper currents of Anglican thought know how great an influence is exercised at present by the theological writings of Pere de la Taille. Many, however, who utter his name with respect and have even absorbed some of his teaching at secondhand, feel a becoming diffidence about attacking for themselves the formidable and erudite pages of Mysterium Fidel. These will be grateful to Messrs. Sheed and Ward for the compassionate publication of The Mystery of Faith : an Outline (2s. 6d.). This little volume gives us_ excellently translated by Father Schimpf—the remarkable essay in which Pere de la Taille epitomized his great thesis, The same publishers again put students of religious history is their debt, by an exquisitely produced,Bnglish version of the celebrated Letter to the Brethren of Mont Dieu, here called The Golden Epistle (5s.): This jewel' of twelfth century devo- tion, once attributed to St. Bernard but now given to Abbot William of St. Thierry, has a historical importance out of all proportion to its length ; and those interested in mediaeval mysticism will hail its appearance with delight.

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