22 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 66

It is good to see the third volume of the

Victorian History of the County of Northampton, though it appears some twenty years after the second (St. Catherine Press, £3 8s.). The family of the late Mr. James Manfield have, we are told, ful- filled his wishes in guaranteeing the heavy cost of production. It would be well if other men of wealth and public spirit would do as much for other counties in this monumental series, for its value to historians, architects, typographers and genea- logists is incalculable. The new volume, edited by Mr. William Page and written by a corps of specialists, deals fully with the boroughs of Northampton and Higham Ferrers and with the several parishes in the hundreds of Polebrook, Navisford and Huxloe. The many fine mediaeval buildings are carefuly described and illustrated, and the descents of manors are noted in detail. Northampton itself has a pecu- liarly interesting history which is treated by Miss Helen Cam.