22 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 66

Mr. Arthur Mee pleads earnestly and justly, in the attractive

Christmas number of My Magazine, for the restoration of Cromwell's severed head to the Abbey grave, from which the corpse was taken by order of the Restoration Parliament in 1661 and hung at Tyburn. That disgusting act, by which Royalists and Presbyterians sought a mean revenge on the great Englishman, has still to be atoned for, and it is not too late. The embalmed head in the possession of Mr. Horace Wilkinson has been recognized as Cromwell's by manY authorities from Flaxman and Sir Joshua Reynolds down to S. R. Gardiner, Boyd Dawkins and Sir Henry Howorth, and its whereabouts can be traced back for over two centuries though the date a. which it was blown off its spike in West- minster Hall is uncertain. If the Prime Minister, the Deno of Westminster and Mr. Wilkinson could come to an agree' ment, the act of reparation to the memory to the Protector might be easily accomplished.