22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 2

The Morning Post asserts, on the authority of a letter

received from the " highest quarter," that the "accident " which the Em- peror of Russia met with, was really an attack upon his life. We give the letter alluded to.

" You have perhaps received no further information as regards the assassina- tion of the Emperor of Russia. His Imperial Majesty was shot at by a ruffian. An aide-de.camp was killed by his side. Whether from the effect of the shot, or the violent convulsions of his dying neighbour, his Imperial Ma- jesty had his shoulder dislocated. The result of this attack has been exagge- rated. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Michael, who was on the point of going to England, was sent for by express, and his voyage thereby put off for a time. His Imperial Majesty, however, I am happy to say, is com- pletely restored from this sanguinary attack. If the Emperor Nicholas had fallen, we should have deeply lamented it. He has the genius of a great sovereign, and the heart of a true man ; but we are happy to think that whenever it occurs, the genius of his country will survive, as it did after the assassination of the Emperor Paul. Fortunate the country where a principle reigns para- mount at all times, and Le Roi est most! vive le Roi ! 'Such a principle is, I am afraid, totally absent in more Southern latitudes."