22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 3

On Saturday, a boy was standing on the steps at

the back of an omnibus in Holborn, another omnibus being close behind : suddenly the omnibus on which the boy was riding stopped ; when pole of the other struck him violently. The lad was carried into a surgeon's shop, and died almost immediately, from the injury he received. A Coro- ner's Jury, on Tuesday, found a verdict of manslaughter against the driver of the omnibus, and a deodand of 25t. on the vehicle.

Mr. C. Robinson, a shopkeeper in the City, was attacked by two highwaymen, about five o'clock on Saturday evening, on the road be- tween Croydon and Westerham. They rushed from behind a thick bush by the road-side, each of them armed with a pistol in one hand and a stick in the other ; and presenting their pistols at Mr. Robinson, the ordered him to stop and "deliver all the money he had." As he refused, one said, " I'll soon settle this business ;" and, rushing for- ward to the steps of the phaeton, presenting his pistol close to Mr. Robinson's breast, laid the stick down at his feet, and began to pull open his great-coat; but Mr. Robinson, raising his foot at the mo- ment, kicked him backwards, and he staggered and partly fell. The ruffian, however, inscantly recovered his footing, and discharged his pistol ; the ball from which passed through Mr. Robinson's cloak and the back lining of the plixton. The other fellow then advanced, and presented his pistol so close that Mr. Robinson caught bold of the muzzle, and succeeded in turning it aside at the moment that it went off; at the same time the robber made a blow with his stick, which knocked off Mr. Robinson's hat and broke the whip. The horse, a spirited animal, now broke away from the man who laid hold of it, and went of at a quick rate. At forty or fifty yards distance, Mr. Robinson turning his head, saw the men pick up his hat, and disappear behind the bushes. They were afterwards seen running across the common in the direction of Hayes or Beckenham.