22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 6


Parliament was prorogued by commission, on Thursday, to the 20th of December. Lords Cottenham, Melbourne, Langdale, and Holland, were present at the ceremony.

Dr. Charles Thomas Longley was formally gazetted Bishop of Ripon on Tuesday. The Gazette of the same day announced the ap- pointment of Sir Lionel Smith to be Governor of Jamaica; of Sir Evan Macgregor, to be Governor of Barbadoes, St. Vincent, Grenada, and Tobago ; of Sir James Carmichel Smith to be Governor of British Guiana ; and of Messrs. Charles Shaw Lefevre, Edwin Chadwick, and Colonel Rowan, to be Commissioners for inquiring into the best means of establishing an efficient constabulary force in England and Wales.

Mr. Justice Patteson is about to retire from the Court of King's Bench, on acm ou it of his deafness. He will probably be succeeded by Sir Robert Rolfe, the Solicitor. General One of the vacant insignia of the Bath has km bestowed on Major. General now Sir William Thornton.

Lord John Russell has appointed Mr. Gambier Recorder of Fever. sham.