22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 6

There is some prospect of a settlement of the affairs

of Edinburgh. At a meeting of the Town. Councilon the 14th, it was stated that the Magistrates had offered to pay the creditors of the city 15s. in the pound,—half in cash, on the 11th of November 1837; and half in bonds at 4 per cent., secured on time ordinary revenues of the city to be raised by a rate, if the existing revenues should be insufficient. The trustees for the creditors had agreed to these terms. The Annuity-tax of 6/. per cent. is to be abolished, and the clergy are to be paid out of the pro- duce of a tax of 2/. per cent. on all the citizens, including the members of the College of justice. The clergy and the Council differ as to the amount of salaries ; the latter thinking 500/. a year to little. The students of Glasgow University talk of electing Lord Lynd- hurst to be their next Lord Rector. Well done, " Morality!"