22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 7


The Doncaster, Pritchard. from Mauritius to London, was totally wrecked off the Cape of L;0041 hope on the 17th July, and all on board perished. Arm-bed—in the Downs, 18th, Childe Harold, ilia, from Bombay. At Liverpool, 15th, Zeno, Lawson, from Singapore ; 7th, Brian Boron, Harrison, from Manila; and 19th, Monarch. Brown, from Bengal. At St. Helena, Aug. 23d, Monarch. Brown, from Bengal ; and 26th, Ranger, Guy, from Bombay. At the Cape. July 12th', Glory, Gay or Aug. lit. Morning Star, Lintin ; Thomas Snook. Raker ; and Sesostris, from Loudon. At Mauritius. July 941. Achulle.. —; ant Ambassador, —, from Loodou. Al Van Diemen's. Laud, May 1001. Mary, Beadier:a from Loudpu; 15th. Kilomos, —. from Liverpool ; 19tb, Adelaide, Clark, from Dundee ; 16111, atone.—; and Lotus, Gore, from London ; and StratItiela,—. from Liverpool. Sailed—From Gravesend, Oct, 17rb, Severn. Wake, from Bombay. From Live rpool, 16114 Caledonia, Stro a, for Bombay ; 19th, Mona, Gill; aud Potter, Sea right, for Bengal.