22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 8

PA Eit'S opera I Fuoriscili, which was brought out at

the Lyceum Theatre a few years since, under the title of The Freebooters, was re vived there on Monday night. It is an excellent opera, though not one of its author's best ; and as PAER has sufficient merit to entitle hiaii to proscription at the King's Theatre, where he ought to be heard, we are glad to welcome him here, even with the disadvantages of a bad transla- tion and but an indifferent performance. PAER unites much of the melodious character of the best Italian school with no inconsiderable share of German filling up. After the baldness of BELLINI, the rich instrumental effects which this opera contains were more palpable and more pleasing ; although they were sometimes but imperfectly brought out by the band. To this remark, however, the beautiful tenor song, " Segni ii tuo sposo arnante," formed a striking exception ; the obligati violin() and violoncello being admirably played. The opera was revived for the purpose, we presume, of exhibiting LEFFLER in the part of Merl° d'Ardinghelli ; to which he proved him- self unequal. He was itnperfect throughout, in a character with which he ought to have made himself thoroughly acquainted in order to have any chalice of success. Mr. FRASER, the new tenor at this house, (another importation, we suppose, from Edinburgh,) was the Eduardo. Ile has a good voice, but, like TEMPLETON, not a good method of using it. Miss BETTS took her original character, and sung it with her usual correctness. The other female character was exceedingly well supported by Mrs. FITZWILLIAM. The choruses were feeble and im- perfect. Had the opera been properly rehearsed, it might have been a respectable and pleasing performance.