22 OCTOBER 1937, Page 18


SIR,—May I be allowed to thank Mr. Olivieri-Munroe for amending my article on Malta, published in The Spectator of September Toth, in a letter (October 15th) which would imply that the island is not nearly so vulnerable as many critics have supposed it to be ?

Your correspondent, who is a most ardent champion of British interests in the Mediterranean, will readily appreciate that a rather different approach and emphasis may serve to call attention to Britain's responsibilities in Malta over a field of opinion in which he would find many less assured than him- self as to the island's " potential offensiveness."

Respect for the same political and social institutions, prepared always to work side by side (as I have done with Mr. Olivieri- Munroe), associating in the same leisure pursuits (football, greyhound racing and repertory companies are popular in Malta), the Englishman of today shares at heart the conviction which your correspondent strives to substantiate. It is perhaps the depth and strength of those feelings which provides the most certain guarantee for the future safety of Malta, or of any other dependency or friend of Britain's.—Yours faithfully,