22 OCTOBER 1937, Page 19

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] read with interest Mr.

Blunt's article on Picasso and Mr. Herbert Read's criticism of it.

To me the important point implicit in Mr. Blunt's article was that Picasso belongs to a generation of painters more than ordinarily detached from any generally understandable point of view and concerned rather with studio experiment than communication to the unspecialised spectator.

Many feel that communications between the better painters and any wide public have for some time been broken down and that this comparative isolation of the artist has had a devitalising effect on his work. This was the most interesting aspect of Mr. Blunt's article to me and I should have been interested to hear Mr. Read's opinion on it.—Yours, &c., 38 Upper Park Road, N.W. 3. WILLIAM COLDSTREAM.