22 OCTOBER 1937, Page 20


Sra,—Mr. A. G. Bradley's article was most welcome. There is perhaps more in London to remind us of Mrs. Carter than he suggests. She was interred (1806) in the burial ground of Grosvenor Chapel, attached to the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, and over her grave is the epitaph : Under this stone are deposited the remains of Mrs. Elizabeth Carter of Deal, a lady as much distinguished for her piety and virtue as for her deep learning and extensive knowledge.

She was attended to her grave by three of her nephews, two of whom were the Rev. Thomas Pennington and the Rev.

Montagu Pennington. The wife of the present rector of :it. Clement Danes Church was a Miss Pennington, daughter

of the previous rector, and descended from one of the nephews. In 1909 there was placed in the north gallery a stained-glass window in commemoration of the bi-centenary of the birth of Dr. Johnson, and there are shown the doctor surrounded by Boswell, Goldsmith, Burke, Garrick and Mrs. Carter.

Mrs. Carter did not write regularly for the Rambler ; only occasionally did Johnson require a substitute. According to Boswell she wrote only Nos. 44 and roo. The translation of Epictetus is the one still obtainable in Everyman's Library.— Yours faithfully, W. KENT.

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