22 OCTOBER 1937, Page 3

" Lancashire's Remedy " The Lancashire cotton industry has made

many attempts in the past, by reorganisation, to improve its condition. But these have, in the main, failed owing to the extreme hetero- geneity of the industry, with the resultant impossibility of ob- taining universal co-operation in the proposed action. It is to be hoped, therefore, that the new reorganisation plan, set out in a report of the Joint Committee of Cotton Trade Organisa- tions, entitled " Lancashire's Remedy," which is now being submitted to all sections of the industry for their approval, will fare better. If they approve the plan, the legislation necessary to apply its provisions will be demanded of the Government, in order to avoid the possibility of the failure of the scheme through the abstention of individual firms. The plan aims at increasing exports of cotton goods by cutting down surplus capacity and excessive competition and generally making the production side of the industry more efficient and the cost of production therefore lower. To achieve this it is suggested that a Board, representing the whole industry, be set up to examine any individual schemes for improve- ment and that such schemes as meet with the approval of the Board shall immediately be placed before Parliament, and, if sanctioned, receive the required legislative endorsement. The proposals on the face of it are promising and should provide the means for substantial improvement in the industry, but it is to be hoped that concomitant measures will be taken to improve the merchanting side of the industry.