22 OCTOBER 1937, Page 34


The Chief Scout here records incidents and impressions of his recent trip round Africa. He is writing for Scouts and other " young creatures " in the hope that they will be encouraged to travel themselves. African Adventure (Pearson, 5s.) will no doubt delight Scout readers. The picture of Africa it presents is very much , a • story-book one : Africa by the jolly''emir of the camp-fire. There is no need to say-that Lord Baden-PoWell has 'complete com- mand of the art of appealing to youth. He knows how to be boyish without losing his dignity and authority, how to mix fun and seriousness, when to instruct and when to amuse. Whether one approves or not of the ideals of the Scout movement,' which impregnate every page, it is impossible to deny that most boys would appreciate a -present of this book.