22 OCTOBER 1937, Page 34


By Edin G. Schary

. Mr. Schary is a young Californian who became convinced that the truth about life was to be learnt from the holy men of Tibet. He was not sure who these wise men were, or where they lived, but, he thought, if he made a pilgrimage through the heart of Tibet he would find them and learn from them the secrets of the universe. His book (Seeley, Service, 15s.) is, so far as the specific object of his wanderings was concerned, a record of failure. But of failure on the part of iribet rather than the author, whose sincerity and per- • sistence in the face of almost unbelievable hardships seem beyond question. Three times he worked his way from Sap Francisco through India and Kashmir, but only once succeeded in crossing the Tibetan border for any distance. On foot, depending on the charity of the natives for food, he crossed the plateau looking for the elusive Mahatmas—a journey which nearly killed him. - He met with hostility, indifference and meagre charity, but scarcely a sign of occult wisdom. His failure will have taught him more perhaps than all the Mahatthas in the world could have done.