22 OCTOBER 1937, Page 34


In 1804 Jefferson decided that it was time he knew the sort of country there was in the unknown North-West. He sent an expedition to follow the Missouri to its source and if possible cross the watershed, find the head-waters of the Columbia river and so down to the Pacific coast. Meriwether Lewis (Jeffer-. son's secretary) and his boyhood friend William Clark were joint leaders of the expedition. They both kept careful journals and Miss Davis has made of this material a first-rate juvenile adven- ture story (Murray, 6s.). And fine material it is : " one of the greatest friendships in history," redskins, bears and buffaloes, the faithful Indian woman who saved many a critical situation, the hunting for food, the discovery of rivers and of the Rocky Mountains, which they were the first white men to see and cross. It was in every way a tremendous achievement. They accomplished in every detail what they set out to do, without the loss of a single life, thanks to the tact and courage of Lewis and Clark in dealing with hostile Indians. -