22 OCTOBER 1954, Page 6

An Alternative to Robins

We shall soon all be facing once more the problems- economic, aesthetic, and social—in which Christmas cards annually involve us, and I am quite sure that I am doing everybody a good tutu by calling attention to the UNICEF greetings cards. The United Nations Children's Fund (which is what UNICEF stands for) already helps 25 million mothers and children in about 80 different countries, but reckons that there are some 475 more children who need help. Its greeting cards feature five extremely gay and pleasant lithographs by Mr. Roger Duvoisin," a well-known illustrator of children's books in America. A box of ten cards costs 7s. 6d., and with the profit on it UNICEF say they can provide milk for six hungry children for one week or DDT to protect them against malaria for one year. Their address is Clive House, 7th Floor, Petty France, S.W.1, and as far as I can see they provide, for the first time, a constructive solution to the Christmas card problem.