22 SEPTEMBER 1860, Page 21

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Two farces have been produced in the course of the week,—one at' the Olympic, with the title, Savage as a Bear, the other at the Strand,; with the title, Hit him, He has No Friends. The latter more abounds in vis comic; and was more decidedly successful; but both are, to the, last degree, trivial and improbable. The Surrey Theatre has reopened for the season, with a drama of "strong interest," of which Mr. Creawiek is the hero, and a military' spectacle, in which Mr. Shepherd is the principal personage. Neither Ralph Gaston nor the Veteran and his Son—(so the pieces are called).— are quite up to the Surrey mark, but they were both successful, and an- swered the purpose of inaugurating the season. Mr. Charles Rice, a low comedian from the East end, has been added to the company, and is de- cidedly the best actor of his class who hai appeared at the theatre since the departure of Mr. Widdicombe.

Miss Amy Sedgwick was prevented by an accident from appearing at the Haymarket on Monday last ; she is now announced for Monday next.