22 SEPTEMBER 1860, Page 21


" The. Lebanon and its Life: a History and a Diary," by Mr. David Urquhart, is,announced by Mr. Newby, Welbeck Street.

Mr. James Blackwood has in the press Now Readings of Homer," by W. W. Ord; and a translation, from the original Russian, of "-Cossack Tales," by Nicholas Gogol, the celebrated novelist. • The Reverend F. D. Maurice's contributions to the "Encyclopedia Metropolitans," on Modern Philosophy, are about to be published in a collective form by Messrs. It. Griffin and Co.

The same publishers announce "The Seven Penitential Psalms," profusely illuminated, under the direction of H. Noel Humphreys; with /4e-similes from the " Book of Hours," by Giulio Clovio. .

Kohl's volumes of, Travels in Canada, Pennsylvania, and New York, are, we believe, about to be issued by Mr. Manwaring under the Author's express sanction, with an additional, chapter introducing the 'Grand Trunk Railway, and bringing down the information to the present mo- ment, the work of translation being confided to Mrs. Percy Sinnett. Messrs. W. H. Allen and Co. hive announced a translation of Von Wieland'a satirical-romance, "The Aliderites; " by the Reverend Henry Christmas. The work will have the additional title of "The Republic of Pools," and will be followed by an investigation into Philosophical Ro- mance, from the Time of Plato to that of Sir E. Bulwer Lytton.

Messrs. Sampson, Low, and Co. announce "A Handybook of Patent sad Copyright Law, English and Foreign," by James Fraser, Esq.; and "The Praitie and Overland Traveller," by Captain IL B. Mareey.

A " Life of Edward Forbes the Naturalist," by George Wilson ' • and st-work " On the Origin and succession of Life on the Earth," by John Phillips; reader in geology at the University of Cambridge, are preparing by Messrs. Macmillan and Co.

The Life, Times, and Correspondence .of: Bishop. Doyle," by Wm. John Fitzpatrick, author:, of "Lady Morgan; her career, literally and. socially, " is to.,bep.oblished in Dublin, early, in November. , The Revereud Dr. Moran, nephew, of Archbishop Cullen, is said to be engaged tipc/Ra 1.416Aof.Oliver Plunket, the celebrated Primate of-Ireland, who was beheadedat Tyburn, 1681. The voluminous manuscript collections of the late Dr. Renahan, Vice- President of the 4rehmlogical and Celtic Society, *mahout to be pub- lished by his literary executor, Dr. MacCarthy, ,of Iraytiolith.

A French translation of Prescott's "Iliitory of Philip_IT.," by M. P. Ithier, with notes by G. Benson, has been brought out by Meters. Moline and Co., Brussels.

The first volume of a great work on architecture, entitled " L'Art Architectural en France, depuis Fmeeois I. jusqu'ii Louis XIV," edited by Eugene Ttouyer, Inspector of Works at the Louvre, has been pub- lished by E. Noblet, Paris.

M. Amedee Thierry has brought out another volume, of his " Recite de l'Histoire Romaine au Cinquieme Sack," under the title "Les Dernier Temps de l'Empire d'Oceident." The publishers are Messrs. Didier and Co.

An " Histoire du Mouvement Intellectuel an Seizieme Siecle' et pendant la Premiere Partie du Dix-Septieme," by M. Jules Jolly, has been brought out by Messrs. Amyot and Co., Paris.

" La Democratic Francais; sea Rapports avec Is Monarchie at le Catholicisme," by M. P. Pradie, ex-deputy, has just been published lay' M. Jouby, Paris.

An eye-witness of the late Sicilian revolution, M. do la Varenne, nar.: rated it in a work published by Dente, Paris, " Ilistoiro de Is Revolu- tion Sicilienne et de l'Expedition de Garibaldi."

M. Louis Hymens, member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives is the author of an " Histoire Populaire de is Belgique," published re cently by M. A. Schnee, Brussels.

The first volume of a new biography of the late Baron von Humboldt, under the title, "Alexander von Humboldt: sein wissenschaftliches Leben und Wirken," by W. C. Wittwer, has been published by Weigel, Leipzig.

Dr. Eichhoff, a well-known German writer, is the author andpublisher of a curious series of sketches of the Prussian police, called " Berliner Polizei Silhouetten." The book appeared on Monday; and on Tuesday the police arrested its author.

A history of hunting and hunters, under the title, " WiManger : Skiz- zen aus dem Gebiete der Sagd und ihrer Geschichte," by Francis von Kobel!, with illustrations by E. Frohlich, has been brought out by. Messrs. Cotta and Co., Stuttgart.

Baron von Bibra, M.D., has published, through Schmidt, Nurnberg, a very exhaustive work on grain and bread, under the title " Die Oetrei- dearten und das Brod."

The first volume of an antiquarian collection, called " Altherthitmer' des Deutschen Reicbs und Reehts," (Antiquities of Teutonic Laws and' Politics) edited by Dr. II. Zoepfl, has been brought out by Winter, Heidelberg.

Two botanical lectures, recently delivered by Professor Unger, of Vienna, on "The Former Terra Firma of the Atlantic Ocean," and " The Physiological Meaning of the Culture of Plants," have been pub- lished by M. Braunmiiller, Vienna.

A new ethnological and philological periodical has been started at Berlin, under the title " Zeitschrift fur Viilkerpsychologie and Sprach- wissenschaft." It is under the editorship of Dr. Steinthal and Dr. M. Lazarus.