22 SEPTEMBER 1860, Page 22

The Norwich Feetiiel.:kne been the musical event of the week.

It was splendidly succensfelriuid has brought back the days of old when the Norwich Festivals were:preeminent among all the ,provincial-music- meetings lathe kingdom. As we mentioned last week, this Festival has been distinguished by the production of several new works of great im- portance and interest; Molique's oratorio, Abraham, Benedict's cantata,

and some portions of Glades celebrated opera, Armada, which, though old, was absolutely new to the English public. Next week we Shall give some account of -these remarkable productions, and some par- ticulars respecting a Festival which well deserves to be commemorated.

An Italian company, under the direction of Mr. Willert Beale, is at present performing operas at the Dublin 'Theatre, in a manner never be-

equalled in this country, except at the two great London theatres. The company includes Grisi, Viardot, Gassier, Mario, Ciampi, Graziani, and several other performers of talent and reputation. Besides giving several of the most favourite operas, Norma, Il Travatore, Rigolletto, and others, Mr. Beale has done what has not been done in London-he has produced Verdi's Macbeth, a work unknown in this country unless to those who possess the published score. The character of Lady Macbeth, has been- sustained by Madame Viardot, who, if we may believe the Dublin journals, has made an impression on the audience such as was produced in days of yore, by Mrs. Bidder's. A meeting was held last week at Leeds, the Mayor presiding, when it was resolved that.a musical festival shall take place next autumn. A eommittee was appointed, and other arrangements were made, for carry- ing the resolution into effect. It is contemplated that this festival, like those of Birmingham and Norwich, shall be triennial. Doubtless, the musical directorship will be given to Dr. Sterndale Bennett, to whose exertions the great success of the first festival in 1858 was mainly owing