22 SEPTEMBER 1860, Page 4


Tan QUEEN quitted Balmoral on Saturday, and proceeded by railway to Edinburgh, where she remained until Monday evening. Her Majesty was accompanied by the Prince Consort, the princesses Alice, Helena, and Lonisa, andthe Princes Arthur and Leopold, and attended by Sir Charles Wood. During her stay at Holyrood, her Majesty called upon the Duchess of Kent at Crnmond House, walked up Arthur's Seat, and drove along the Leith Road. The Prince Consort visited the National

and the Botanic. Gardens. The Court quitted Edinburgh on Monday evening, and, travellingsll night, reached Osborne a little before ten o'clock on Tuesday. morning. Her Majesty is to embark today at Gravesend for Antw.arp. The Count of Paris and the.Duke of Chartres have called on the Queen, and her Majesty has visited the Countess of Neuilly at Ryde.