22 SEPTEMBER 1860, Page 7


The women in the manufacturing villageof Alva, near Alloa, have struck fora rise of wages. The women have beau long complaining of the small remuneration they have for their yarn-filling, and they demand an add i-

tional halfpenny for each spindle. At the present rate of pay, they say they are not able, with bad yarn and long hours, to earn more than 6s. a week during summer, and during winter months not more than half that MM. They have held a meeting with a man—a member of some perma- nent committee in the chair—and the men have resolved to support the women by abstaining from work.

Six men were killed' on the 10th by an explosion in the' craning-house" of the Melfort gnnpowdbr works, which stand in a lonely place near Oben. The other houses were in full work at the time, but only one exploded, and in that, at the moment, there were no workmen. The cause of the accident has not been ascertained. The six men were engaged in the corning-house. The quantity of gunpowder that exploded was three tons.