22 SEPTEMBER 1860, Page 9

The tele g raphic news of this mornin g informs us that Ancona

is formally and effectively blockaded, and that the fact has been notified to foreign powers. " The principles of maritime law agreed upon at the Congress of Paris will be observed." It is also stated that Garibaldi had gone to Palermo; that on the 17th instant he published a fresh pro- clamation to the Palermitans, repeating that he will only proclaim at Rome the constitution of the Italian kingdom, and that he will not accom- plish the annexation at present. A story has been bruited about, that in August or July the King of Naples offered Garibaldi a vast sum of money, and the use of his fleet and 50,000 men to invade Venetia, if the Dictator would not attack the King:in Calabria. This curious report is believed ; and a telegram from Trieste now says, that the Austrian war steamers in the Neapolitan waters have been ordered to return to Trieste, as the Austrian Govern- ment, on account of the offer made by the King of Naples to Garibaldi to join him with an auxiliary corps against Venetia, can no longer offer hospitality to his Majesty. A telegram from Turin, September 20, tells us that after the official publication of General Cialdini's victory, the city was en fete. The illu- minations were general. The journal Armenia, of Florence, has been seized for having pub- lished an article insulting to the Emperor of the French. The Honiteur of yesterday contained the following telegram, dated , Algiers, 19th September- ' The fetes given in honour of their Majesties were splendid. "The Empress, suffering from grief on account of the alarming state of her sister's health, was not present at the ball. "Immediately after the banquet their Majesties will embark, and will proceed at midnight for Marseilles, where they will arrive on Friday, about four p.m."