22 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 22

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-Murray has at last annexed the English Lake district. The-pleasure of

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Meat fit for such a monsters monsterous dyeat," country without its assistance and companionship. From a rather hasty "Malicious Envy rode it embraces a far wider field Some of the old Border fortresses Upon a ravenous wolf; and still did enew are remarkable for the massive grandeur of their proportions; the Between his cankred teeth a venimous tode, traces of the Roman occupation are well worthy of notice ; and. the That all the poyson ran about his jaw. mediaeval castles, although in some instances mere rains, are replete All in a kirtle of discoloured saywith historical associations These have been duly described, He clothed was, y-painted full of eies, and all that is known respecting them has been recorded in sufficient An hatefull snake, the which his taile nptyes detail. . . . . But it has been the principal object of the editor to point