22 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 3

The Social Science Association meets at Manchester on Wed- nesday

week, October 3rd, and the session lasts till the 10th. Lord Shaftesbury is to replace Lord Brougham as President, but Lord Brougham is still President of the Council, and he is advertised to speak on one of the days of the meeting. There is to be a discussion in the Department of International Law on the duty of England as regards the protection of inferior races in her colonies and dependencies,—not on Governor Eyre, but on the best means of avoiding such collisions as that of last year in Jamaica. Mr. Denman, M.P., is the President of the Jurispru- dence Section, and it will be under his guidance that this discus- sion, and also another of some interest on the beet principle for digesting our case law, will be conducted. The President of the Education Department will be Mr. II. A. Bruce, the last Liberal Vice-President of the Committee of Council on Education, and a discussion on the best mode of extending education to the desti- tute classes under his supervision cannot fail to be of interest. The improvement of the homes of the poor and of the system of workhouse management are also to be discussed, and may very possibly be discussed with profit. The usefulness of these discus- sions must of course depend very much on the tact of the Presi- dents or temporary chairmen in discouraging mere talk, and getting at the persons who really know something-.