22 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 3

The West Riding ladies are going to form a Committee

to superintend the local examination for girls of the University of Cambridge in connection with the West Riding Educational Board. Mr. Fitch, one of the Assistant-Commissioners of the Royal Commission for inquiring into the state of' our middle-class schools, has been addressing the Leeds ladies on the subject, ap- parently with great effect, and overcoming the scruples which still deter the parental mind from encouraging daughters to compete for the University guarantee that they know well what they know at all. We hope the practice may rapidly extend. Not only does this examination re-act, as Mr. Fitch pointed out, on the girls' schools, and cause better teaching, but it gives girls an object to look forward to in their education which makes it infinitely more interesting- at the time. It gives them, too, a certain con- fidence in their own attainments, which girls do not always acquire very easily, and which encourages them to pursue their studies after they have left their instructors.