22 SEPTEMBER 1877, Page 2

Mr. H. M. Stanley has discovered something of real consequence,

—no less than the fact that the Lualaba river, which begins about one hundred miles from Lake Nyassa, and which was discovered by Livingstone in his expedition of 1866, is part of the great Congo. The Congo-Lualaba forms one stream, second, if really second, in volume only to the Amazon. It is no diminution of Mr. Stanley's credit that other travellers had conjectured that which he has proved. He lost in his painful march many of his followers, in- cluding Francis Pocock, who was swept over the Falls of Massassa. He fought thirty-one battles on the banks of the Lualaba, and he and his party managed to pass through the Cannibal regions with great difficulty, and reached the coast at Emboma, with many of his followers prostrated by dysentery, scurvy, and ulcers, after having made one of the greatest geographical discoveries of the age.